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Sierra AirPrime Mc8355 Gobi 3000, 3G Mobile Broadband Mini-PCI Card - GPS für Lenovo ThinkPad Notebooks Bei der AirPrime Mc8355 Karte für mobiles Breitband von Lenovo handelt es sich um ein integriertes Modul, das in Laptops und andere Ger

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This book explores the impact of the telecommunications industry on the socio-economic development of Sierra Leone. However, the author primarily focused the attention of this research on Africell- a major mobile network operator (MNOs). The book also studies the background of Africell, marketing strategies, SWOT analysis of the telecom market, as well as the company's Coperate social Responsibility towards the development of Sierra leone. To improve access point to better quality and lower costs to connect to broadband connectivity, this book employed the research methodology of the West African Regional Communications Infrastructure Project (WARICAP). The author also attempts to create a clear picture of the social and economic impact of mobile network operators, some of the major challenges of the industry, and recommendations to improve quality of service (QoS) as a tool for efficient telecom network. Thus, the goal of this book is to serve as a reference material for researchers and research institutions, and as a blueprint to encourage future academic researchers in Sierra Leone to focus their research attention to the telecommunications industry.

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